Sunday 23 March 2014

Tips, Tools & Techniques - DIY Raised Beds

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Now that Spring has finally sprung (yay!) it's time to prepare for the growing season. During the recent months of non-stop rain, the whole of our allotment site has been completely flooded. The ground is still very wet, so any digging and planting will have to wait, but I have been making raised beds in the meantime!

The wood I used for the side of the beds, is leftover decking wood - 2 pieces of 2.4m and 2 pieces of 1.2m. Then the legs are 30cm long.
To attach the legs to the long sides I drew a line to show the depth of side piece, then lined up the leg to the inside edge.
I flipped everything over and fixed together using a screw at the bottom and top. Legs were added to both ends of each long piece of wood. Then the short pieces were lined up in the gap next to each leg and again fixed with screws (a second pair of hands is very helpful at this point!!)
And there you have a rectangle shaped bed, which can be laid in place and then fixed by pushing the legs into the soil.
My plan is that these raised beds will help me manage weeds better, as I'll be able to use a strimmer in between them... fingers crossed it works! Once the ground dries out a bit I'll dig the soil and mix in compost ready for the fun bit of planting!


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