About Us

Hello!  We are two friends from Reading (UK) who met at Uni and shared a house for many years before we grew up (well sort of... J ).  As said grown ups, we have rediscovered our love of all things crafty... You know, buttons and paint and all the rest!

Much to our horror it became apparent that our Friday nights out drinking had turned into a weekly craft club ...  membership of two.  Having finally accepted this guilty pleasure and discovering it’s not just us we are ready to share this with you all!

First a bit more about us.....

I'm Simi. I live with my Sidekick Dunc (I spent ages asking my friends for alternatives to boyfriend, partner, other half etc.. Sidekick was my favourite!) and our 3 year old son Malaki.  We have just bought our first house. I work full time in the Substance Misuse field. I love going to gigs and festivals. And signing up for courses at our local Community Arts College.  I try to do too many things at once!

To quote our Stained Glass teacher, I am “easily pleased”. I also have a ridiculously short attention span so quite often have 15,000 craft projects on the go at once. Oh and I have been known to exaggerate a teeny bit. I like love bright colours especially in mixed media and textiles. I also love crafting with my son.


I'm Sian and I'm married to Matt, with a crazy dog called Digby. You'll often find me a charity shops and car boots on the hunt for bargains and hidden 'treasures'.  Though I must confess my hoarding tendencies mean I collect things 'just incase' and am always on the lookout for new ways to upcycle and craft with random items!

I love visiting new countries and places, taking inspiration from things I see on my travels.  I'm a (fairweather) gardener and even though my allotment isn't prizewinning, it keeps us supplied with potatoes!


We brainstormed what we wanted to achieve from our blog.  This is what we came up with...
... to share things that have inspired us... to share what we have made and how we've done it... to introduce new ideas that we have discovered... to present talented people we know ... to motivate us to carry on making things... to link in with the wider crafting community...
We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch and leave us a comment. We are newbies so we welcome any tips or feedback from you, especially those of you more experienced in the world of blogging! J

Simi & Sian


  1. "Sidekick!" Tee Hee!

  2. Are Digby is so cute! What breed is he? The way he is sitting reminds my of my dog a bit, he's a sprollie (springer/collie cross). Has DIgby got springer in him? If he is a pedigree, I hope I haven't insulted ;)


    1. Thanks Kate! He was a rescue & most likely is a springer/collie cross... definitely not a pedigree :)Your dog Spike is very cute!!

  3. Hi! After featuring your cute pin cushion boat on Wednesday, I became a follower! Today, I nominated you for a Liebster Award!



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