Tuesday 4 February 2014

... and some Stitched Word Search Cards

Wow! You can really tell we've been blogging for over a year - this time last year I was making these Space Invader Cards for Dunc and Sach (my brother) who's birthdays are a day apart. This year I decided to venture into printing on fabric to make these cards.
I had seen this idea in a craft magazine last year (and if anyone knows where that might have been, please let me know and I will gladly credit it ** Update - It was Simply Homemade - Thanks Celtic Thistle!).

I have been pinning tips on how to print on fabric like a crazy thing, but in the end I chickened out (I knew I'd be using my work printer and didn't want to risk gunking it up) and bought these printer fabric sheets from Amazon.

I made up a grid of letters in a Word document (using a table with invisible gridlines) and made sure the words "Happy", "Birthday", and "Dunc (or Sach)" were prominent. I then added a few extra words, and filled the rest of the space with random letters. I crossed my fingers, and pressed print - the printer sheets were really easy to use, with no drama so that was a relief!
I then set up my machine for free motion stitching, and circled around the words.
As the printer sheets were 4" X 6" the edges had started to fray a bit, so I finished off with a (very messy!) zigzag border.
After trimming, I glued these onto some blue card and all done! (admittedly not as neat as they could be but I had a bit of a tight deadline and did the whole thing start to finish in an hour!!)
 This idea can be used for any celebration and can be as big or as little as you want it to be. Why not give it a go?!


  1. Think this was in an issue of Simply Homemade made up as a picture, it makes a great card though!

  2. This real cute,I love these books have them all over house,this is great Thank's Have great Valentine's Day,Cookie17

  3. What a fabulous idea, it looks great and is very unique too.


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