Friday 7 February 2014

... and Make Three Cards from One Template

Today we have a great guest post from Rachel Taylor from Blossom Cards, who responded to our request for guest bloggers! Rachel shares with us a great tip on how to use one card template in three different ways.
Hi to you all! I have a good tip to share with you all - use one template to create three different card shapes
The first version is using the basic card template.
Here it is finished.
The second way is with the same template, but I have turned it on its side.
Here is the finished card
For the third version, I have turned the template inside out and on its side.
Here is the final version.
All the cards were made with white card and free papers from a magazine and they are from the hunkydory range. I hope you all have fun making these cards.
Thanks to Rachel for a great guest post and for sharing this tip -  don't the final cards look fab! Please pay a visit to Rachel's blog and Facebook page to check out all the other lovely things she makes!


  1. Beautiful cards, very impressive :)

    1. Rachel is certainly very talented to make such lovely cards :) x

  2. Amazing how you change the look just by turning the template around. :))

    1. Isn't it such a great idea! Thanks to Rachel for sharing :) x

  3. great cards, I like the patterns in those toppers

  4. What a great idea to change how you use the templates. They look great, well done.

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing this blog post. These tips to make the beautiful cards are very simple and useful.


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