Tuesday 19 August 2014

... and Fabric Scrap Weaving

A few weeks ago, we had a fun 'crafternoon' trying out different techniques from a fab book called Fabric Leftovers by D'Arcy-Jean Milne. Here's how we got on with weaving fabric scraps!

We started by pulling out a handful of fabric scraps from our ever growing stash! There are no real 'rules' and you could use matching or contrasting colours.... whatever takes your fancy.
The fabric weaving mesh we used was from Ebay (similar to the mesh you would use for rag rugging).
As we were making a sample piece, we cut out a postcard size piece and started weaving the fabric scrap strips in and out of the mesh. Each piece doesn't have to go through each hole, or even in a straight line.
Once we were happy with the layout, we used a zig zag stitch to secure the fabric onto the mesh.
Then to add a bit more interest, we experimented with different colour threads and attached ribbon pieces with some top stitching.
We backed our sample pieces with a larger fabric scrap and then 'sealed' the edges with a repeated zig zag stitch.
These were great fun to make and because they were 'samples' it helped us try out different techniques without worrying about 'spoiling' it. It was also a good way to use up scraps we'd been saving 'just incase'!
There are loads of different ways you could use this technique - for example added as an embellishment onto a Filofax, using spray glue!
There are some brilliant ideas in the Fabric Leftovers Book on how to use fabric scraps. We'd certainly recommend it!
Update August 14: This post was featured by Craft Gossip here and also by craftgawker here
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  1. Terrific! Ive been weaving with my students, wish Id found your post earlier!

    1. Thanks Tracy! Love the fabric weaving that your students have been working on. Will have to try that technique as well, to use up even more fabric scraps! x

    2. This looks like a fun activity to do with leftover scraps. I love the color patterns you created. Thanks for sharing and linking up at Wake Up Wednesday.

    3. Thanks Karen, it was great fun! x


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