Friday 25 July 2014

... and DIY Craft Ideas for Wedding Decorations

Today we are lucky to have another fab guest post! This time Ann Harris shares with us some of her craft ideas for wedding decorations.
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Here's a bit about Ann....
Ann Harris lives in Melbourne, Australia with her lovely husband and two beautiful children. She loves to write about love, relationships, beauty, weddings, DIY tips etc. Her hobbies include cooking and reading. Life is beautiful!


DIY Craft Ideas for Wedding Decorations

The folklore about the wedding and belonging activities can be compared only with a rite of passage in different cultures and countries of the world. The wedding-related activities include many details little things that need to be sorted. If you make an effort and take care that everything is meticulous at your wedding, you will feel happier and prouder. Apart from that, people notice commitment and your guests will make comments on every wedding detail, as they usually do. To give a more personal note to the ceremony and reception, you can even make some wedding decorations on your own. Some things can be created in an imaginative way instead of being paid for, while some others should better be left to professionals.

Multi-purposeful Paper

When thinking about home-made decorations in general, paper is the most widely applicable material. The same goes for the DIY wedding decorations. From hanging posters with welcome messages in the wedding reception hall, to home-made origami decorations and wedding lanterns, paper can be used in many ways. These lanterns are especially interesting, because they can be used for the hall (or backyard) illumination and their paper cover can be colored and shaped whatever way you like it. Also, paper can be used for making wedding invitation cards, as well. If the bride and the groom are talented for creative visual solutions, they can make the cards themselves. Who knows, if it turns out fine, maybe they will start a freelance wedding card making career.

Romanitc Homemade Lanterns

Water for Decorative Use

In addition paper, water can also be used in many ways when you want to make the home-made wedding decorations. First of all, water is easily colored. Thanks to that, you can simply dye the water in the vases on wedding tables and add a bit of artistic look to the tables. Also, you can make a contrast or any other relation between the flowers in the vases and the colors you wish to add to the water.

Apart from coloring the vase water, it can also be used as a holder of candle-floating decorations on the tables. For instance, you can take bowls, fill them with water and place candles to float on it. Many other ingredients can be added to this decoration, such as flower petals. Moreover, the candles can be bought (or home-made, too) in different colors, to increase the versatility of the decoration even more.

Couple-made Music Playlist

No matter if you are having a DJ or a live band, the choice of songs can really boost your wedding reception or leave it drowned and strangled. To ensure that you will enjoy the show, make your own playlist for the reception. You know your guests' and your own music taste best, which is why you will be able to make the most of the list. Make sure that both older and younger generations have their share of fun, incorporated into your music expertise. In music terms, you can even create music candle centerpieces. The easiest way for doing it is cutting a piece of music sheet and wrapping the candles for the wedding tables into it. A ribbon can be added, as a creative touch.

Professional Help for Decorations

Although many items can be made at home, some things should still remain in the hands of pros. First of all, the wedding cake should not be fooled around with and it should be left to real cake makers.
When it comes to wedding photos, you can make a mixture of a self-made approach and professional expertise. While renting a photo booth might be amusing for an hour or two, the official wedding book and the photo album should be done by professional photographers and designers. It is the most important day of your life and all the effort that has been built into it should be recorded and shaped by the crafty eye of professional visual artists.

We hope that you will be able to make your own wedding decorations in an easier and more creative way. Since there will definitely be a lot of expenditure in the wedding organization process, you can save some money on the decorations.

Thanks Ann for sharing these great ideas. There's plenty of inspiration for anyone who's planning a wedding! 

You can also check out Ann's website here


  1. Some great ideas there, I made quite a lot of my own decorations for my first wedding, and when I get round to my second one I expect I'll make a whole lot more (and better too) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Handmade wedding decorations always make weddings that bit more personalised :) x


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