Friday 13 June 2014

... and a Kids' Birth Year Coin Keyring

Its Father's Day this weekend! This year Mally has been busy making all sorts of crap stuff at school so I thought I'd add to his presents for Dunc and make him a special Dad's keyring - complete with the years of the kids birth on it!

Start off by going through your penny jar and find coins with the relevant years on them. Mally was born in 2009 and new baby is due in July so I used a bigger 2p for Mally, and a 2014 1p for baby!

For this project you will also need some tools and a bit of technical know-how. Or you could borrow a friend's husband like I did (not being sexist - just the closest person to me with a workbench and tools!!!)
Sian's Matt recommended the following helpful tips:

  • Use a board with nails hammered in to hold the coins in place
  • Drill your holes (may need to do a couple of practise ones first!)
  • The coins are hot once you've drilled, so leave to cool
  • Use a file to smooth down any rough edges

Once the easy part was done (!!!) I took over the rest!. I attached the coins to a copper keyring using a jump ring. And that's it!
I found an old jewellery gift box that I had carefully hoarded for just in case(!) and although I'm sure Dunc will love ALL his presents, hopefully he will get some use out of this one!
Last year we made these Father's Day Photo Frames. What are you making for Father's Day?

Update 18th Aug 14 - check out this fab Special Date Keyring by Julie at Sum of their Stories. She's created a really clever contraption for holding the coin still while drilling!


  1. Smart idea, and useful too what more could you ask for!

  2. What a lovely idea, I hope he likes it.

  3. Such a cool idea for a male keepsake. Off to sort through my coin jar...


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