Sunday 11 May 2014

Obsessions & Distractions - Painted Stones

We've been having a bit of a gardening week here! Here's a great round up of ways to turn those rocks and pebbles into beautiful decorations - for inside or out! Have fun! xx
Jewel Drop Mandala Painted Stone by Elspeth McLean
 Rock Bees by Crafts by Amanda
Transferring Images onto Stone by Garden Mama
Strawberry Rocks by Image Event

Painted Owl Stones by Lori-Lee Thomas
DIY Painted Rocks in Pot Garden by Marty Ware
Rock Monsters by Free Kids Crafts
Art Stones by Leanne Thomas


  1. Love the monsters - I can see them multiplying in my house too.

  2. What a fab collection. I have done lots of pebble painting in the past. Here are some of my personal efforts from my old blog. xxx

  3. Wow ! The rocks rock !!! I have featured your post on my fb page:-
    Naush ~ Dubai!!!!

  4. What fun projects! Thank you for sharing these with us! :)

  5. Love the collection - off to do some pinning!

  6. I love painted pebbles and enjoy painting pebbles and flint. These look like fun to do. :)

    Jan x

  7. Thanks so much for including my rock bees! Really appreciate the feature :)


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