Friday 7 March 2014

... and Contemporary vs Traditional Bathroom Decor

Today we have a great guest post from Sue at My Bathrooms Blog to give us tips on what to look out for when decorating a bathroom, with ideas on contemporary and traditional bathroom décor!
Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a blogger at My Bathrooms Blog. I have a passion for sharing ideas which include home improvement and decor. This article will tell you about contemporary and traditional bathroom décor.
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When renovating a bathroom you will find yourself considering the age-old dilemma of all bathroom decorators everywhere! Should you opt for traditional style fittings or choose smooth and sleek contemporary fittings? Hopefully the points below will help you to decide!

Traditional bathroom:

Traditional bathroom furniture is beautiful and ornate, elegantly dominating every bathroom and adding oodles of charm and charisma to the bathroom. However, it can be very heavy, especially if you decide to re-use genuine old bathroom fittings purchased from auction houses and salvage yards. Old-fashioned bathroom fittings also tend to be quite large, with full-sized tubs, curving sides and roll-tops that take up precious space in the compact space allowed nowadays for bathrooms by modern architects in new developments. If you have a large bathroom and are worried about how to fill all that space without adding unnecessary furniture and storage, then you are perfectly suited to investing in old-fashioned and classic bathroom fixtures.

Contemporary Bathroom:

However, if your bathroom is small and space is at a premium, you may be better off choosing a modern bathroom suite that will easily fit into the available space. Contemporary bathroom suites are sometimes accused of being bland and charmless, with no personality or vibrancy about them. This can be true, but it is a relatively simple matter to infuse the bathroom with a bright and lively color or décor scheme using paint, wallpaper and accessories, even against a background of fairly bland and characterless bathroom fittings.

The big benefit of contemporary bathroom furnishings is that they are designed to fit into a modern way of life, water and energy efficient and made for cramped modern urban life. You may be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and inviting your bathroom can look when you opt for a more modern design, choosing those features that appeal to your sense of aesthetics.

Before deciding on what bathroom style to opt for, the old or the new, you must weigh up the pros and cons. You must assess how much space you have available in the bathroom, decide on what appeals to you personally and also check the water pressure in your area. The latter point may seem to be a bit of a non-point, but you will not want to opt for an old-fashioned bath and toilet, only to find out that the huge bore on the older pipes uses an inordinate amount of water with every flush and bath, draining the pipes needed to service the kitchen taps and garden tap! If you are satisfied on all of these points and have your heart set on a beautiful vintage tub, then you can indulge your love of all things traditional with a clear mind!
Thanks to Sue for sharing this fab guest post and those great décor ideas. We've got serious bathroom envy now!!


  1. OH WOW! Those are DROOL WORTHY bathrooms! I love everyone!!!

    1. They're lovely aren't they! If only we had a house big enough to have them all!! x

  2. Wow. Those bathrooms are nice. I have 2 tiny ones compared to those. :) Linda


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