Tuesday 29 October 2013

.... and 7 Ways to Decorate for Autumn & Winter

Today we have something different - a guest post from Jessica at 4 Interior Design, with tips on how to decorate your house ready for the Autumn and Winter months...
Hi! I am Jessica Christian and a total freak when it comes to home decor. Decorating and making the world a wonderful place is what I crave. You can find me at 4 Interior Design 

7 Ways to Get 'Ready for Autumn & Winter' Decor
As Autumn deepens and Winter draws ever closer it is time to think about 'battening down the hatches'. Windows and vents are closed, curtains are drawn and the cold, grey and miserable weather is left outside. But how best can we make the best of our décor to see us through the chill and dark? These seven tips and hints should see you through to the spring when we can once again open the curtains and windows to let light and sunshine flood in.
1. Warm it up
Add warmth to your rooms by adding rich fabrics and colours. Now is the time to emphasise solid dark furniture, heavy velvets and any feature that serves to create a barrier between the home and the outside world.
Image From Better Decorating
2. Fabric Choices
When you are changing light summery curtains and throws for heavy-duty winter, choose thick old-fashioned but classic fabrics, such as tweed, houndstooth and brocade. These superb and sturdy materials are excellent at blocking draughts and look wonderful, giving your home a stately and established air, perfect for making you feel protected from the elements.
Image From At Home Arkansas
Image From HorChow
3. Winter Bedding
Make your bed a haven from the elements by breaking out some winter bedding. There is wonderful variety available in bedding these days, with fabulous patterns and designs to be had in all types of fabric. Warm flannelette sheets, thick knitted throws and heavier duvets will all combine to create a superb and cosy retreat for you. For a touch of true hedonism, you can even buy some thick fluffy towels in which you can wrap yourself after a steaming hot bath! I came across this very nice simple and plain duvet at Yorkshire Linen and they have become my favourite.
Image From Aliex
4. Go Natural!

Allow nature a place in your home this cold season. Bring nature indoors by creating a large display of leaves, grasses and nuts or investing in a fruit basket packed with tasty and colourful treats. It is easy to shut the world out when the weather is unpleasant but this means shutting ourselves off from the many beautiful things that nature has to offer. Giving these beautiful things a place in our homes means that we can always see something natural and attractive.

5. Colours

While a lovely cool colour theme works well in summer: pale icy blue combined with cool lemon yellow, for example, these colours can leach the warmth from our décor. As the nights lengthen it is time to imbue the home with warm colours, such as rich ruby red, dark emerald green and warm chocolate. Change the colours by swapping out bright and fresh summer colours with deeper, rich tones that add depth and warmth to the room.
Image from Yorkshire Linen Co
6. Scents
Fragrances should change with the seasons, going from light florals to warmer scents. Incense, musk and cinnamon are perfect smells for winter and autumn, as they seem almost secretive, cozy, and in the latter case, speak of baked treats, ready to eat, hot from the baking tray! For sensuous scents my top of the list is The Fragrance Shop.
Image From belfast
7. Metallics
Whether you choose metallic-look fabrics or actual metal touches, you will find that these points catch and reflect the light perfectly. The right piece of copper or brass can seem almost like an inviting fireside, brightening the room by casting its glitter far and wide.

 Image From Trendir
Pick and mix from these tips, using the ones that appeal to you and leaving out the ones that do not. With a little forethought and planning, you will soon have your home ready for fall and winter, warm, inviting and beautiful!
Thanks to Jessica for such a great post and for sharing some great ideas on how to decorate for Autumn and Winter time.... doesn't everything look so cosy!!


  1. Great decorate ideas!My favorite is #5

    1. Jessica has shared some great ideas! Hugs to you too :) x

  2. Great tips! I recently changed my sheets to heavier and warmer ones since it has gotten so cold here. Changing the colors and scents would make it feel more like autumn and winter for sure.

    1. The weather is getting cold here too.... Definitely time for the winter duvet!! x


    1. Wouldn't it be great to have that as a room in your house!! x


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