Friday 25 October 2013

... and some Felt Coasters

I was trying to come up with a clever / witty reason why I made these. But the truth is I saw this post by The Gold Jellybean and I just wanted to! I also read recently that you don't need a long drawn out intro into a post as sometimes people just want to see what you made and how you did it. Any thoughts on this? Anyway, here are my felt coasters:
  • Felt in various colours
  • PVA Glue
  • Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat, Ruler
I chose extremely bright colours - obviously you could do this in any scheme - but my living room is actually a mixture of all of these colours (see my Ribbon Lamp) and I had recently bought this LACK side table from IKEA in bright glossy turquoise so they go well together!!
First, cut the felt into strips. I used a rotary cutter and ruler and my strips were 1cm wide. The width is how high the coasters are so you can vary this. The lengths can vary; the middle part only needs short strips and you need longer strips for the outer circles.
I ran a line of PVA glue along each strip as I went along and then began to coil them up. For my first attempt I did this quite freely without giving much thought to a pattern. I stopped when it was a decent size (mine is 9cm in diameter)
For my second one, I was more deliberate in what colours went where, where each piece should start and end, and how long each piece would need to be to give even layers.
But I like them both so its all good!
Here's a "function" shot. It makes me laugh as this is not how these coasters are going to be used.
This is more like it (if you have a normal size mug you only need one coaster but it didn't show in the photo once the mug was on it!!!!)
What do you think? What colours would you use for your house?

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30th October 2013: This post was featured here at Sugar Bee Crafts
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6th November 2013: This post was featured here at Posed Perfection
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  1. What a great way to add colour to the room, and a great way to use up leftover felt fabric too.

    1. Thanks Lucy, they certainly do brighten up the room!

  2. Gorgeous bright colours! Love them!

  3. At the moment half the link party pictures I click on seems to take me here! I love all your projects, this is a cute idea. You'll have to let us know how well they stand up to regular use (or will you keep them for special visitors)

    1. Haha Julia, hope we aren't overkilling (!!). So far they have been used daily for over 2 weeks and they seem to be doing really well. they are heat proof, and any moisture from the cups (or spilt drinks) seems to be toughening them up! xx

  4. I love these! I'm always looking for unique coaster ideas and these are great! Going on my craft list!

    1. Thanks Lisa, they're sooooooo easy to do! xxx

  5. Thanks Mandy! And thanks for the feature! xx

  6. I love these felt coasters so much I picked them as one of our features from last week's All Things Thursday Blog Hop and pinned them to my ATTBH Features Board on Pinterest. I hope you'll be back again tonight to link up more great projects!

    1. Thanks for the feature Nici! We have added a button to the post xxx

  7. These are SO DARLING. Pinning. Linda


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