Friday 9 August 2013

...and Having Fun with Peg Dolls!

Emma from Emma Made recently did a fab guest post for us on Fabric Pompoms for her wedding and we were delighted when she asked us to do one in return! As we had been given a bag of wooden pegs - complete with pipe cleaner arms, from a good friend of ours (Teresa), it gave us the perfect excuse to release our inner child and make some peg dolls!
To read the full post and find out how we made these, please head over to Emma's blog here.

Thanks again to Emma for the opportunity to do a guest post! We hope your readers liked it!!

We are linking up to these parties!

21st August 2013: Update - this post was featured here at A Life in Balance
A Life in Balance 


  1. I've posted over on Emma's blog, but I'll say it again here - they're fabulous. It looks like you had so much fun both making and staging them.

    1. Thanks Lucy, we certainly did enjoy making & staging them! It was also great to be able to guest post for Emma :) x


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