Friday 28 June 2013

... and Fabric Scrap PomPoms for a Wedding

Today we have a guest post by Emma from EmmaMade on how to make fabric pompoms. A big thanks to Emma for such a great post and for sharing how she made these lovely pompoms. We can't wait to see how these become part of the centre pieces for her wedding! After our previous pompom making, we're definitely going to have to make some of these fabric versions ourselves.

I'm Emma and I have recently started a blog called EmmaMade to help me share my craft projects.  I am so excited as this is my first ever guest post so thank you to Simi and Sian for having me.

As part of my bid to include as much handmade goodness as possible in our wedding day, I have been busy making fabric pom poms.  There's all kinds of ways of using pom poms as decorations, but these are going to be incorporated into our centre pieces, but you'll have to check back to my blog in August to find out how.

The fabrics I used were mainly scraps that I already had and included: net, silk, cotton, lace and wedding dress scraps in ivory, white cream and dark blue. 
Step 1: Cut strips of fabric no wider than 5cm.  Cut out two cardboard circles with holes in the middle.
Step 2: Wrap fabric strips around cardboard circles through hole.  Knot the fabric strips together as you wrap to create one chain of fabric strips.
Step 3: Once you cannot wrap any more fabric round the cardboard circles, push the point of your scissors through the fabric and between the cardboard circles.
Step 4: Cut through the fabric strips by guiding the scissors between the cardboard circles.
Step 5: Tie the fabric strips in place with a piece of wool/string in between the cardboard circles.  The wool/string should hold the fabric in place when the cardboard circles are removed.
Step 6: Pull off the cardboard circles (you might need to tear them).
Step 7: Arrange and trim your pom pom into a spherical shape.

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial and thanks again to Simi and Sian.  Happy crafting!

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  1. Good Morning Emma, My goodness, this takes me back many, many years. My grandmother, Ivy, taught me how to make woollen pom poms this way, but I would never have thought of using scraps of material to make these little beauties.
    Thank you so much for the where's my scrap box???
    Best Wishes

    1. Thanks for stopping by Daphne! We agree that these pompoms made by Emma are lovely & work so well using fabric scraps. Definitely will be making some of these ourselves!! x

  2. Replies
    1. It's great isn't it? So simple but effective! xx

  3. Thank you Simi and Sian for being so lovely to work with! Thanks also Daphne and Joanna. X

    1. Thanks for such a great post! We would love to reciprocate for you whilst you are away xxx

  4. ooh, love this idea. The possiblities for fabric pom poms are endless! I see them being made into party bunting and Christmas bunting strung on ribbon. :)

  5. Those are so sweet! Would be perfect for wedding decorations or made in bright colors for a birthday party.

  6. This took me back to making woolen pompoms with my nan too. She used to wind us tiny balls of wool to use as we wound it round and round. Would never have thought of trying it with fabric strips..I'm off to add it to my 'to do' list.

    1. Thanks Lucy! We agree that they make a great alternative to traditional wool pompoms!! x

  7. We love this idea and how beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing on the BeBetsy BRAG ABOUT IT.

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  8. Very cute craft! Thank you for linking up at Hickory Trail!


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