Friday 14 June 2013

... and some Father's Day Photo Frames

Father's day is this weekend and for Dunc and his dad we decided to recreate a project we did last year... This is a really quick and easy frame makeover!

  • Cheap wooden frame (mine were from IKEA but obviously any will do!)
  • Comics, scrapbook paper, magazines etc
  • Glue Stick
  • PVA/water mix 50:50
  • Scissors
Dunc's dad likes golf so we went with this golf ball and tee paper:
So, in case its not really obvious(!) all you have to do is cut pieces of paper and stick them onto the frame. Now here's my biggest tip - just use a glue stick! Its much quicker as the pieces stick down faster without needing to be held in place, and less messy too! The PVA/water mix is used to finish off with a coat at the end to act as a sealant.
The beauty of this is that if you coordinate the papers - or just stick to one kind, you can let your toddler loose on cutting the pieces and sticking them down - and it still looks great!! Mally did most of the pieces here (and then when he got bored, I finished it off as I couldn't bear to have gaps!!!).

Make sure your pictures match your frames(!!!)
Quick, cheap and personalised! My kind of project!
PS - Don't worry; we are having the family over for a BBQ so Dunc's dad is getting some nice food too - and Mally has chosen some Hulk pants for Dunc!!!)

22nd June 13: Update - this post was featured here on Nap Time Creations
nap-time creations


  1. This will be great for all those thrift store frames that leave a lot to be desired. Thanks for sharing on the upcycled linky party at

    1. Thanks Tricia, these were indeed from a charity shop (originally IKEA but I paid £1 for 3!!) xx

  2. This is a great idea! I have a lot of photo frames that I don't use because they don't seem to "go" with the photos I have. This would be perfect for those!

    1. Thanks Taylor! It really annoys me when the photos clash with the frames!! xx

  3. such a cool idea!

  4. Hi! I just posted my features for the week and YOU are part of them :o) Come on over and check it out. I'd also LOVE for you to pin, share on FB or +1 the collage that features your project... Lets get the word out!!! Please also grab a featured button too. thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Emily! Have added the button etc! Thanks for the feature! xx

  5. Cute crafts! I especially like the decorated pouches! Blessings! Patsy from


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