Friday 18 January 2013

... and a 'Tie' Glasses Case

During my many wasted highly productive hours spent on Pinterest (!) I've seen various things that people have made out of ties - so thought I would give a go at making my version of a glasses case!

  • A Tie
  • Metal Popper
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread
I started by working out the length... as you can see I did this very scientifically (?!) by lining up the glasses and cutting just below that... then turn inside out, pin and sew the bottom closed.  Depending on the design of the tie, you may have to snip out a couple of stitches to create the pocket opening.

Turn back to the right way out and sew up the front - trying not to sew all the way through, which I managed to do the first time! To make the 'fastener' I sewed on a metal popper.  Velcro or a button would work as well...

And here is the final version......!

Given the current weather, I fear I may have been slightly optimistic thinking I could give it to someone to be used as a sunglasses case....but it's always best to plan ahead right?!  I'm also going to rummage through the charity shop to see if I can find a more colourful/flowery version so I can make myself one too!

I've got some spare ties left over, so would love to hear what other suggestions people have for what I could do with them?!  


  1. This is cute. I have some ties set aside for "something". Maybe this!

  2. Thank you :) Would love to hear of any other ideas you have for ties, as I've got some spare!!

  3. Oh wow, this turned out FAB! Amazing what can be made out of repurposed things! Found you via your comment on the PinAddicts site, thanks for stopping by! :) Kerry x

    1. Thanks Kerry! There's some great ideas on the PinAddicts site... can't wait to try some more tie related crafting!! x


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