Tuesday 29 January 2013

... and some Decopatch Animals!

A while ago (before we started with this blogging malarkey!) I spent a lovely afternoon with Mally at the Arty Giraffe. It's a great place to relax and get creative. You can grab a coffee (milkshake for Mally) and try your hand at some ceramic painting or Decopatch - we opted for the latter! We like to get messy!

For anyone who doesn't know, Decopatch is a brand name for the technique of decoupage, using a special glue/varnish and very thin (like tissue) patterned sheets of paper. You simply tear the pieces and stick to a cardboard blank model (although in fact you can do it on a variety of surfaces).
When finished - you can clean your hands properly, OR you can pull off the glue from your hands... this always reminds me of being back at school!

We did a giraffe using animal print and music sheet papers (very realistic) which was a present from Mally to his Naani (my mum). As you can see it goes well with her decor!!!
We did the elephant using bright patterned and sweetie papers to match the decor in our house - we have a very colourful lounge!
He gets lost in the rug!
What do you think? I wasn't sure we would get both done as its hard to entertain a three year old but its so lovely there, we could have a break for a snack and a drink, and there are even some toys for the little ones!
Whilst there, we saw a man painting a beautiful canvas (local Reading artist Steve Capel according to the Arty Giraffe website!), a group of women having coffees, someone enquiring about party bookings amongst others... You can buy art and craft supplies and local handmade pieces. What an amazing place!
The Arty Giraffe


  1. I love the elephant! I collect elephants because my mother says they're good luck, and she has a collection, too.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  2. Thank you! I love him too! Didn't know they were good luck, here's hoping!!!! xx


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