Thursday 13 December 2012

... and Paint Swatch Christmas Cards

While trying to decide what to make for Christmas cards this year, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration!  I came across lots of different ideas for paint swatches. So here's my interpretation and what I did.....

Assortment of green paint swatches
Blank cards
Pinking Shears (optional)

Start by marking out and cutting the paint swatch into a triangle (mine was 12cm long).

To try and make it look more 'tree like' I cut it out with the pinking shears.  This of course is optional :)

Never one to pass up an opportunity to use buttons (!), I glued one to the top of each tree.  The trunk is made from another section of a paint swatch (approx 2 by 4cm) and glued onto the back of the tree.

I also found a Christmas tree stamp I had, so cut out a shape on the back of the card.

Final step is to fix the tree to the front of the card.... 
I used a sticky foam pad as I liked the way it then 'stood out'.

Now I just need to write & send them out, better get a move on really :)

I've also got some paint swatches left over - any ideas on what to use them for...?!


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