Wednesday 19 December 2012

... and Christmas Clay Decorations

I have been meaning to make some Christmas decorations for a while now... So when I saw this great post on homemade clay decorations by My Make Do and Mend Year I decided to give it a go!

I haven't included step by step instructions as those given by My Make Do and Mend Year are really clear and simple to follow :)

So instead, I thought I'd share how I decorated them....

Armed with my festive cookie cutters, I cut out a range of shapes and used an old biro to make a hole in each one.

I'm going to use some as gift tags for Christmas presents, so thought it looked nice with some orange slices I had dried and tied with garden twine.  Thanks to Buckets of Burlap for their post on dried oranges :)

To some I also added a holly leaf from the garden for an extra festive touch!

For others to hang on the tree, I got out the acrylic paints and went colourful!

Here are the ones I decorated with sequins and buttons....

I'm really pleased with the way they turned out and that I actually managed to get them done before Christmas!!


  1. Love them! Thankyou for linking back to My Make Do and Mend Year! I think I like the button one best-what a great idea!

  2. Thank you! Yes I like the button one too, think I'm going to look through my other buttons & do some more :)


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