Tuesday 16 December 2014

... and Family Thumbprint Christmas Cards

With our new addition , I wanted to send out a "family" style card. Not being the type of family who can pull together a decent photo, we opted for these Thumbprint Reindeer cards instead...

Firstly let me apologise for the bad lighting in these photos. We are staying at Dunc's parents who have a beautiful home, but one without much natural light (especially in the Winter).

So, I started off by getting everyone to do as many thumbprints as they could onto a sheet of ordinary A4 paper. As Melody is 5 months old, she got a bit of help from me(!). We used a brown dye based inkpad.
I then added a small drop of red nail varnish onto each thumbprint and left to dry.
I then simply added antlers and eyes with a Sharpie...
Cut them out and stuck onto brown craft cards. The writing / snowflakes is in Sharpie and White Paint Pen
And there you have it! I have been wanting to try these ever since seeing them all over Pinterest last year - and the end results are MUCH netter than my shoddy photos show... The possibilities for thumbprint animals are endless! 

Merry Christmas!! xx 

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