Friday 8 August 2014

... and a Candle Makeover

Last week I shared how I revamped some candle pots by wrapping them in yarn. Not wanting to waste anything, I gave the old wax a bit of a makeover and made a new candle!

As a reminder, these are the dodgy bits of old candle I started with. They've never actually been burned but managed to melt over time by being left outside in the sun!!
I started by chopping them into pieces and melting in a makeshift double boiler (i.e. old pyrex dish in a saucepan of water).
 Luckily the old wicks were intact, so I used one and stuck in an old jam jar using a blob of wax.
The original wax was a faded yellow, but I wanted to jazz it up, so experimented by using orange food colouring. I added quite a bit (2 capfuls) as I was aiming for a bright final colour. At this stage I also added a few drops of lavender essential oil. (Although I suppose I should have chosen something like citronella to fit with the colour!)
The final step was to carefully pour the melted  wax into the jar. I'd made this a lot more difficult for myself as the wick was shorter than the jar, so I couldn't secure the wick as I poured!
I left it overnight to set and then added a bit of lace ribbon as decoration.
It worked out pretty well and I really like the finished colour. Next time, I think I'll choose a shallower container or longer wick!

I also managed to get a dip in the top, rather than a smooth surface. Anyone know how to avoid this?!


  1. What a fabulous idea. It looks so pretty and I bet it smells lovely too. Xx

    1. Thanks Suze! You can still just about smell the lavender :) x

  2. Nice colour. Maybe you could tie string to the end of the wick so you can hold it up next time, might make the pouring easier

    1. Thanks Andrea! Ah what a good idea to tie a string to the wick... would defo make pouring easier! x


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