Tuesday 29 April 2014

... and more Cupboard Organisation

Its that time of year again where everyone is Spring Cleaning! There are posts all over the linky parties at the moment - so here's another! After the success of Sian's Kitchen Cupboard Makeover last year, I decided to finally tackle our laundry / airing cupboard.
As you can see, we had neglected this a teeny bit a lot...
With deep shelves and no storage, we had sorted of resorted to throwing things in there and quickly closing the door before it could fall out! Disgraceful... Spurred on by the motivation of at least getting a blog post out of it, we set to work.

I found these Curver Rattan baskets in The Range. They are made of plastic (so sturdy) and can be cleaned (if I ever felt the need... which let's face it, is unlikely!). 
To give more structure, I bought a simple shoe rack and began to organise.
I realised I needed another shoe rack for the other shelf, and some of the towels we had accumulated over the years (school, uni, house shares, holidays etc) HAD to go!
Dunc requested labels (mainly because he couldn't be bothered to listen to my now excited exclamations of what was where) so I added some simple tags. These can obviously be changed as and when they're needed...
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And here are the results:

Sometimes you have to do projects that aren't fun, exciting, or pretty. But it is amazing how proud you can feel once they're accomplished!

Now onto re-organising the craft room... AGAIN!! What home projects have been on your To-Do List for a while?!

We are linking up to these parties!


  1. Okay, am sending you my address so we can fix a few days for you drop by and sort my place out!!
    Cracking results there ~ I have several of those before cupboards
    and a loft
    and lost of boxes.......................lol

    1. Hahaha! It may take me a few years to actually get down and do it!! Plan a "show-off your cupboard" party(!) - to give yourself a deadline and some incentive to get it finished! xxx

  2. Great transformation...very inspiring too! I feel like my whole house looks like a before picture! Thanks for sharing this at my Creative Ways Link Party. Hope you'll be back this week.

    1. Thanks Nici! The rest of my house does too! xx


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