Friday 28 March 2014

... and DIY Nursery Decor

Today we are happy to have a great guest post by Keri Snyder from Living in this Season where she shares with us her DIY nursery décor!
Hello, my name is Keri and I am so excited to be sharing here today! I am a wife to a wonderful husband for almost 9 years and a mom to 2 boys and a little girl on the way. One thing I am learning over and over is that motherhood, and life in general, is filled with many different seasons. Some are like the cold winters where we feel alone and isolated. Others are filled with the hope of something new just like in the spring. At Living in This Season, I love sharing honestly with my readers about the different seasons of my life and how to choose to live with joy in each season. Sometimes, we can be so caught up in what others think, that we do not drop the mask and truly be real. It is my passion to encourage other women to stop wearing the masks and be TRUE and REAL. Along the way, I love sharing bits of my life I am passionate about such as: teaching my kids, organization, cleaning, DIY projects, and much more.
After having 2 boys, it is still hard for me to believe I am having a girl in about 10 weeks. I love finding creative DIY projects for home decor and have been working on a few for the baby's room. Here are a few of my projects so far:

Pom Pom Mobile- I had seen these all over on Pinterest and Etsy and decided to tackle making one of my own. I followed these directions and it was actually very easy just time consuming (I used the smaller Styrofoam balls and you do need almost 60 circles of fabric). I did use pins to stick the circles into the balls. Here are the supplies needed: - 5 Styrofoam balls (you can find these at dollar store), embroidery hoop (painted white), yellow, white, and coral fabric. The yellow and white are just from Wal-Mart clearance. The coral was a 1/2 yard from fabric worm. I used it for a couple other projects, hot glue to secure the fishing line into the balls once finished, fishing line, push pins Here is the finished product:
Another project was a Headband Holder using an oatmeal can. I love how simple and cheap this was! I used more of the coral fabric I had, some ribbon, and a candle holder from Goodwill which I repainted. Here is the tutorial on this.
All of our bedrooms are rather small so I have to be creative on utilizing closet space. We have a changing table, not a dresser, in here so I decided to use an over the door shoe holder to hold some of the random baby items. I love knowing where things are so I had to create some labels.
In this organizer I have: little baby toys, bibs, socks, tights, shoes, burp cloths, wash cloths, hats. It is great to hold all these little items. I used my stamps to make the labels and tape to secure them. Inside the closet I created some Clothes Dividers for the different sizes. Newborn, 0-3, 3, 6, 9, and 12. I did this with my 2nd son and loved how organized it kept things! I just used scrapbook paper, ribbon, cardboard from a box, and stamps to make these. I was inspired by this:
My final project I am sharing today are some organizer boxes I made... well repurposed. I'm sure we have all seen the little oranges in the little boxes. Well we had a couple of these and after some paint, scrapbook paper, and stamps (because I love to label) I had 2 nice containers which are holding baby gowns and white onesies.
Decorating a nursery can be an overwhelming task but I hope that this has given you some inspiration that it can be done using what you already have and spending little money. In a few weeks I plan to reveal the entire nursery and a few more projects so make sure to stop by to see this!

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Thanks Keri for sharing a fab guest post. We love the creative and ingenious ways you have found to decorate your nursery!

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  1. The size thing is a really great idea and they look so pretty. I like the boxes too. My mam sometimes gets them near Christmas but I think she uses them in the greenhouse.

    1. Hasn't Keri done a fab job! Sounds like those boxes could be used for a multitude of things :) x


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