Wednesday 26 March 2014

... and a Third Textile ATC Swap!

We're excited to be able to reveal our ATCs for the third Very Berry Handmade Textile ATC Swap! This time round, there was a choice of themes between "Spring" or  "Books / Literary". As the votes from the participants was split, both themes were included!
As usual, everyone was to create a textile card (approx 2.5" x 3.5") to then send to their secret swap partner.

Sian (Spring)
Mine was for Dya from In de Beukenhof, who said "Only colors I don't like are neon colors. I have no other 'dislikes' and like to be surprised".

One of the things I love about Spring is being out in the garden and having nice enough weather to hang out washing! To create my ATC I pieced together fabric to make the grass and sky, then used fabric paint for the clouds. I used applique and machine embroidery for the washing and line. I really enjoyed making this ATC and think the jeans are my favourite bit!
I received this beautiful ATC from Deborah, who really captured the feeling of Spring with this cute bouncing lamb. The detail of the flowers and stitching are great - I love it!
Simi (Books)
Mine was for Ali from Very Berry Handmade (yes - as in the organiser of these great swaps - YIKES- no pressure then!!!). Ali said "I will be very happy with anything you want to make for me."

I decided to go with The Cat in the Hat. Its one of my favourite books, and Mally loves it too! To create it, I sketched an outline of the cat onto plain white cotton, machine embroidered the lines, and filled in with red stitching. I cut this piece out and stitched onto the blue background. I tried to applique and stitch the letters but it looked pants(!) so I drew these on with a white gel pen. I pieced on a stripey bit of fabric (after unsuccessfully experimenting with an old tea towel!!) and finished off with a rough zigzag to match the sketchy lines.

 I received this brilliant ATC from Nicky at Mrs Sew and Sow. She wrote that she struggled at first but then her daughter suggested she check out deviantART and she found inspiration for this design by konfusedfae. I think she's done an amazing job and I love Life of Pi!!! 
You can check out everyone's efforts at the Very Berry Handmade ATC Swap Group on Flickr. They are all amazing! You can also read about our earlier attempts in the previous swaps here and here.

Thanks to Ali for organising another great swap! Have any of you made ATCs before? They are such great fun!

Update: 8th April 2014 - this post was featured here by VeryBerryHandmade


  1. These are all fabulous, what a great swap! I love being able to finally hang out washing too, not so keen on the resulting ironing though :)

    1. We really enjoyed making these ATC's & taking part in the swap! Definitely agree with you about ironing ;) x

  2. They are beautiful, I think the cat in the hat is my favourite.


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