Tuesday 14 January 2014

... and a Juice Pouch Pencil Case

When we were kids, Capri-Sun was one of my brother's favourite drinks.  So when I saw this great post here on Craftster, I just had to make him this pencil case as a Xmas pressie!

To start, I made sure the pouches were washed and dried thoroughly. I found the easiest way was to cut a slit in the bottom to get everything clean.
I machine sewed two pouches together straight down the centre, and repeated to give two sides of the pencil case. The only problem with the plastic/foil material is that any holes aren't self healing, so I'd recommend not using pins as they will create marks. I found that a bit of sellotape helped keep things in place and can always peeled off afterwards.
Next was the bit I was dreading.... adding a zip! It's not something I'm confident with and seems to take a lot of my brain power - but I got there in the end! I used an 8" zip, placed it face down on the right side of the pouch, then sewed in place.
Then I folded the zip over and top stitched.
I repeated with the other side and trimmed the excess from the zip.
Finally, I sewed it all together along the sides and bottoms, tucking the ends of the zip in at the top corners.... and that's it!
This was a fun project and great way to use up old juice pouches! My brother seemed to really like it as well!

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27th January 2014: Update - this post was featured here at Love 2 Upcycle
31st January 2014: Update - this post was featured here by The TipToe Fairy


  1. A great idea. I bet kids would love a pencil case like this.

    Kate x

    (joining in the sew darn crafty link up today)

    1. Thanks Kate! Fun for kids & big kids too ;) x

  2. I am co hosting Fluster's Creative Muster Link Party!! Thanks so much for linking up!


  3. Love this idea! You're being featured at the Foodies & Crafties Soiree today at 4 pm EST. This link will go live at that time -- http://thetiptoefairy.com/blog/2014/01/foodies-crafties-soiree-blog-hop-link-party-11.html


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