Tuesday 5 March 2013

... and some Felt Flowers

It's Mother's Day in the UK this coming Sunday. I just found out that in the US its in May and that made me wonder about all of the other countries in the world. Well according to this site, Mother's Day can fall anywhere between February and December, depending on the country! Whenever you are celebrating, why not give your mum some flowers that will last forever?

These are the most amazingly simple, but sweetest flowers ever. I have seen lots of tutorials for felt flowers but none as simple as this. Unfortunately I can't remember where I first saw this idea - I know it was from a book sometime last year but I'm at a loss for specifics as I take out about 10 craft books from the library every week!

  • Felt in contrasting colours (scraps are ideal as you will be using small pieces)
  • Scissors and Pinking Shears
  • Needle and Thread
Basically you cut a strip of felt in one colour 10cm X 5cm, and cut two pieces of felt in a contrasting colour 2.5cm X 0.5cm. These will be the Petal and Centre pieces.
Taking the larger piece, cut down the middle through the longside with Pinking Shears to give you 2 Petal pieces.
Taking one of these Petal pieces, snip along each "valley" of the "V" making sure you go no further than 2cm (therefore leaving 0.5cm untouched)
Curl the smaller (Centre) piece into a tight spiral and pin it to stop from unravelling
Secure with a stitch, and then begin to curl the bigger (Petal) piece around, securing with stitches as you go right to the end.
Shape the petals into place and you are done!
Repeat using the other Petal and Centre pieces as it is so very quick and simple!!! Then do loads more in different colours! (Of course if you have smaller scraps or are only planning on making one, you can just do this using a piece 10cm X 2.5cm - just remember to cut one of the long sides with the Pinking Shears)
Last year I gave my mum a small bunch of these when she was in hospital. She still has them in a "vase" (empty bubble bath bottle) in her bedroom.
The picture is my first ever Cross-Stitch project I made for a previous Mothers Day!
My mum keeps everything I make for her!! xxx
As well as giving them to your mum, these can be used in various ways such as:
  • attached directly to clothes, bags, cushions, photoframes etc
  • stuck or sewn onto a brooch backing piece
  • fixed to hair grips/clips or bands
  • the list could go on for a while - any ideas?/!! 
16th March 2013: Update - this post was featured here at Nap-time Creations! 
nap-time creations


  1. A lovely idea and still time to make a bunch before Sunday, many thanks.

    1. Thanks Naida! They really are very quick to make! xx

  2. These are very pretty! I am you newest follower! I pinned them!

  3. super cute! I love these and the colors you chose! Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays at Nap-Time Creations....You are being featured tomorrow at my spring projects round up. I would love for you to put my featured button on this post :o)

    do you have a place you link back to the parties you join? I took a quick look around and didn't see any...

    1. Thanks Emily that would be great! Will definitely put a featured button!!! As for the page linking back to the parties, we have been incredibly naughty and forgotten to do this - its been on our blog to-do list for a little while as we only started joining the parties recently! We will rectify this tonight I promise! xx

  4. Super cute flowers! Thanks for sharing tutorial!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

    1. Thanks Ana, have a great weekend too!! xx


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