Friday 10 October 2014

... and Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Invitation Cards

Ann Harris has previously written some great posts for us about Flower Girl Baskets and Ideas for Wedding Decorations. Today Ann shares another guest post with us - about how to make Bachelorette and Bachelor invitation cards (or Stag and Hen do, as we would call them here in the UK!).

Just as a reminder, here's a bit about Ann: Ann Harris lives in Melbourne, Australia with her lovely husband and two beautiful children. She loves to write about love, relationships, beauty, weddings, DIY tips etc. Her hobbies include cooking and reading. Life is beautiful!

DIY Bachelorette and Bachelor party invitation cards

Bachelor and bachelorette parties serve a last resort for getting relaxed before both the bachelor and the bachelorette enter the marital community. However socially conditioned and popular these parties might be, there are also people who do not like organizing it. For instance, if you are experiencing dire economic straits, the smartest choice is skipping these parties and save money for the real thing, i.e. the wedding. On the other hand, there are couples who actually enjoy these parties and even organize them together. While they cannot actually organize the event itself together, they do some pre-party activities as a joint effort. One of such activities is making your own invitation cards.


Pink cards (girls’ cards)

Even if a couple does the bachelorette and bachelor party invitation cards on their own, it still does not mean that they will be similar whatsoever. But they could order the material, such as cardboard or decorations for the cards in bulk, to get a discount. Generally, when buying bucks and hens party supplies, you have to be smart and find the best way to save some money and still get what you want. Except from cards and belonging stuff, you could also buy drinks at the same place or order food from the same caterer. It will lead you to a substantial saving.

Now let's get back to her cards. If you both order the same material, you could make some variations in colors. For instance, the part meant for her could be based on a little bit more girlish colors and shades. Also, a great thing to do would be separating the groups of her invitees by color. So, friends from high school could receive white cards (also, as a sort of symbolism), light blue would suit the girls from college and colleagues could get beige cards. In addition to that, you could also go for different pictures for each group of friends; of course, if you follow the pattern of dividing the friends into groups. When it comes to pictures as motifs for the front cover of the invitation cards for a bachelorette parties, options are innumerable. However, every bachelorette needs to bear in mind that her friends are going to expect the mood presented on the invitation card. If want to avoid unwanted surprises, do not put a picture with provocative bachelorette party motifs on your invitation cards.

As an addition to the already mentioned variations, you can also make some differences when it comes to the shape of the cards. If you are eager for doing that, you can even cut all of them in different ways, or have a special pattern for every group of your friends.

Blue cards (boys’ cards)

When it comes to bachelor party invitation cards, the bachelor can always leech a bit on the bachelorette’s ideas. Men are generally less interested in details, so maybe it would actually be recommendable that the bachelorette helps her bachelor at least with some tricky features, such as invitation cards. When designing them, make sure that you do not forget to write some important things, like the time and place of the venue. Also, when it comes to motifs, you should make everything look cared about and done with dignity. Of course, if you are planning to throw a wild and crazy party, then everything is allowed (but count out the help of your bachelorette).

However, if you still want to have a crazy party, but restricted into the boundaries of nice behavior, your invitation cards should also reflect such an attitude. For instance, you could put a picture of you and the friends you want to invite on the front cover of the cards. It would be even better if you have been to some journeys together, so that the picture would remind them of all the great time you have had together. If you want to make a joke, you could include a personally devised logo of masculinity on your invitation cards. When it comes to motifs for the logo, we leave that to your imagination.

After the bachelorette and bachelor parties are finished, you can start preparing for the special day and all the beautiful things you are going to do as a wedded couple.

Thanks Ann for sharing even more great wedding tips! Some of these ideas could apply to any other type of celebration as well.
You can check out Ann's website here

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