Friday 4 April 2014

... and some Mixed Media Cards

Last weekend was Mother's Day here in the UK. For the first time since Mally was born I had the day to myself with my boys. So obviously I had to make sure that I sent some extra special cards to my mum as well as Dunc's mum. They do so much for us!!

I've been experimenting with mixed media techniques for a few months now (mainly self taught via hours of YouTube videos!!) and I finally got the courage to move out of my art journal and make something to display...Yikes!

When we went to the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show we got excited and bought lots of new tools and supplies, one of which was my Stampendous Creative Palette Monoprinting Plate. I haven't stopped playing with it! Its a clear printing plate that you can brayer paint onto, and then etch into it, make stamped impressions, and play around with lots of texture.

The pieces below were created with the Creative Palette and some bubble wrap. Awesome. I found some pink polka-dot fabric that matched and inspiration struck...
Typical for Mother's Day I decided to go for a flower theme, but wanted it to be quite abstract. I cut some circles out of the printed paper and fabric.
For the backgrounsd, I used another piece of printed card that I had made by using several layers of paint and with different impression techniques.
I added snippets of green scraps from yet another print for the stems, and then machine stitched over parts for the detail, and to frame the cards off. Here you can see some close ups to show the background more clearly.
 And here are the finished cards:
 I hope you like my first efforts! Have you got any tips for a mixed media amateur?

16th April 2014: Update - this post was featured here at And Sew We Craft


  1. I love these - popping over from Handmade Harbour :)

  2. Just getting into mixed media love your cards thanks for sharing following from frugal crafty hop have a great day

    1. Thanks Robin! Have a great day too! xx

  3. They are lovely, I'm sure both mums loved them

  4. I love your beautiful cards x


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