Tuesday 28 January 2014

... and a Zip Heart Valentine's Card

Well there's no avoiding it any more. Valentine's Day is coming and there are hearts EVERYWHERE! As I mentioned last year in my Paint Swatch Valentine's Cards post, I'm not normally a fan, but it is totally mandatory to at least make a card!!

So thinking I should probably make a card for Dunc (oh alright, more like panicking about getting a post ready for today!!) I searched my craft room for inspiration and found this 10cm zip.
 I had a play and turned it into this.
Yay! Inspiration struck. I decided to make a little card and tore some strips of Watercolour Paper to make a rough patchwork-y piece
I have done lots of paper stitching in the past, but I got the idea of using Watercolour Paper from this great post by Daisy Yellow. I machine zigzag stitched over the edges to make it look as if they were sewn together
 And then stitched the heart into place.
The back of the paper piece is a bit messy but no-one sees this!!!
And that's all there is to it! I love it when a plan comes together - what quick Valentine's have you come up with?

Update: 31st January 2014 - this post was featured here by EmmaMade


  1. What a fabulous idea, so simply but highly effective.

  2. So much that I love about your card, the patchwork look (and not doubt feel), the fact you used a zipper (so creative) and my fav feature - the stitching! I am a bit of a card/stationery freak so I get giddy when I see lovelies like this. Visiting via "Lovely Ladies Linkup"

  3. Hey Simsim, this is pretty awesome and wonderful! How i love you create this DIY Valentines day greetings using a zip for heart, very pretty!

    cheers and more power xxxx


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