Tuesday 7 January 2014

... and a Recovery Graffiti Project

Today we thought we'd share some pictures from a project we were involved in before Christmas. I (Simi) work with people recovering from drug and alcohol issues and we were lucky enough to work with a local graffiti street artist to help us with a project to celebrate people's Recovery. As a lot of people may see the New Year as a chance to make changes in their lives, we thought you may be inspired by some of the work that was done here...
Paul (the artist) provided 4 large MDF panels (approx. 2m X 1.5m) and prepared the backgrounds with a coating of grey paint. 8 of our service users chose words that they felt were important to their Recovery, and Paul did a faint outline of these across the boards. He then instructed us how to use the spray paints to get the various effects of fine lines, filling spaces, and blending the colours. And we also got a chance to play around and do some freestyle bits

This was a great experience for all involved and everyone learnt some new skills.  We use many forms of creativity as part of therapy and so this was a perfect compliment to this. What do you think?


  1. Creativity is DEFINITELY a HUGE part of the recovery process - and an ONGOING process. After three years, I am still using creative endeavors to help me deal with "triggers" that bounce off the walls constantly! I am recovering from a gambling addiction... and as I watch my husband enjoy HIS addictions (cigars) I try to find outlets to deal with the fact that I cannot indulge in MINE! Sewing... crocheting... painting... anything that uses my HANDS... even typing... but sometimes it is not enough, and I want to SCREAM! These posters reveal that feeling... they look like they are screaming: FREEDOM... MOTIVATION... HOPE... INSPIRATION! Thank you for sharing... it helped me to just SEE this... and makes me want to get out a huge canvas and start painting!

    1. Thanks for sharing Debbie. We def agree that creativity is such an important part of the recovery process :) x

  2. What an interesting way to incorporate creativity and recovery. I love this so much!


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