Friday 20 December 2013

... and Dried Christmas Oranges

Well it's definitely beginning to feel a bit like Christmas! I'm still not really organised with present buying and wrapping... but instead of doing that I decided to make some dried orange ornaments!!
These ornaments couldn't be easier and are so quick to do. Just start by thinly slicing some oranges and press with kitchen roll to absorb as much moisture as possible. To dry them out, place on a baking tray and put in the oven at the lowest temperature for about 1 hour.
They crisped up nicely, but some of the bigger slices weren't quite dry - so I left them on the radiator overnight!
For the hanging, I used a wool needle to thread some silver embroidery floss through the top and tied in a loop.
Then I pretty much decorated everything with them!!
 I love the effect of the tree lights shining through!

Not bad for a last minute project..... now I suppose I'd better get present wrapping!!

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