Wednesday 2 January 2013

... and a Weaving Stick Dollies Kit

As much as I love to create and design things from scratch, sometimes you can't beat a good old craft kit - one where all the materials and equipment are provided for you and all you have to do is sit back, relax and get on with your project.

This kit is from Caroline Marriott. I got it for Christmas from Mally... He didn't remember buying it for me (or going to the craft fair in his lunch break for that matter!) but he was glad I liked it!!

So in the kit was everything I needed to make the Dollie on the front

All you have to do are thread the warp threads onto the weaving sticks

And start to weave the wool and fabric scraps provided. Soooo easy and very relaxing!

As the sticks get full, you simply ease the weaving down the warp threads

Follow the instructions to finish the legs off

And the face and hair (I deviated a bit here - couldn't resist - Caroline has emailed saying she approves!!)

... and Voila!

Visit for lots more examples of Caroline's textiles and jewellery.
She is also exhibiting at the Designer Craft Show:  January 11th - 20th Mall Gallery, London SW1


  1. I've had fun with weaving sticks lately. Making a scarf right now.... but next on my list is a doll! It's darling and I love the variety of colors and the cute face and hat that you created!!! Thank you for the wonderful idea!!!

    1. Thanks Katie, I had a great time doing it and kind of improvised the hair!! I want to try a purse next by folding a piece in half and sewing it... It works in my head! xxx


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