Sunday 16 December 2012

... and a Felt Travel Sewing Kit

So, here's a cool idea for a handmade Christmas present...

A while ago I got given a huge stash of felt...

... I needed a portable sewing / needlework / embroidery kit
... and I saw this cool tutorial on Sew4Home:

The instructions are so very clear I'm not going to recreate them. However I did make the following changes:
  • I used a really thick cardboard (the kind that is basically the thickness of a ringbinder cover). It makes a really sturdy book and after months of shoving this in my bag, there has been NO bending!
  • Because of this I took extra care punching the holes and used a piercing tool and mat
  • I really don't do cats ( I know this is mega controversial!). But I loved the design so just changed it to a cartoony looking man. Dunc says he looks like a pasty... Hmmmm....
A pasty with hair?!
  • For the scissor pouch, I was able to line it with the flexible plastic cover the scissors originally came in. Just feels like there's some extra protection in there! And I managed to squeeze a stitch ripper in there too!
And voila! Here is my attempt / tribute:

Its soooo useful - as well as a practical mending kit, I also carry my embroidery and tapestry needles, embroidery floss and a couple of needle threaders in the button pouch so am able to work on any of my projects, anywhere I go!

Maybe you could make one for yourself if you are travelling over the Christmas period (or just because its nice to make presents for yourself!!!)

I really recommend Sew4Home. They have stuff on there for people of all levels. This was my first hand sewing project for years and it was really satisfying! 


  1. Hi I made the Kitty Cat needle book and tough it was my first and only it was really fun to make and easy peasy. Now I want to try the Owl ! Thanks so much for the cute and cleaver tutorial.

    1. You're welcome (although all credit to Sew4Home!) xx


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