Tuesday 19 March 2013

... and Inspiration from Africa!

A few weeks ago, Matt and I went on holiday to East Africa and were lucky enough to visit Nairobi (Kenya), go on safari in the Serengeti (Tanzania)and then onto Zanzibar. Needless to say it was an amazing experience and so I thought I would share some of the crafty things that inspired me...

What also struck me was the culture of reusing and 'upcycling' - from the practical (car tires made into Masai shoes) to the fun (bags made from beer bottle tops)! In fact I ended up bringing home a collection of bottle tops, now I just need to decide what to make with them?! *disclaimer, I didn't drink all of the beer myself!*
We were fortunate to see some of the great projects going on to support local communities, including staying at Rhotia Lodge, Tanzania which supports the local children's home.  This was also one of the inspirations for taking part in 'Dress a Girl Around the World' project (see our post here).

Kazuri Bead Factory, Kenya - where all the beads and pottery are shaped and painted by hand.  Everything was so pretty and I wanted to take it all home, but had to remember we had a weight limit for luggage!
Seaweed Center, Paje, Zanzibar - this is a business that employs the women seaweed farmers to produce soaps and creams. They also make beautiful fabric and I couldn't leave without a scarf and bag....!
Local craftsman in Tanzania, making wood carvings & pictures from dried banana leaves, along with all the vibrant colours in the local markets....
The views were pretty inspirational too....!!
.... as was the selection of the local wildlife :)
So now all I need to do is put all of this inspiration to good use and get started on some new crafty projects!!


  1. wow!! This is my dream trip - thanks for all this awesome inspiration!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, it was hard not to be inspired by all the amazing things we saw!!

  2. Certainly was an inspiring place! Great photos too.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Looks like a fantastic trip - just like we hope to take someday!

    1. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of taking a trip!!